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Following the specific literature and also the specific tests performed by WEDAP, it is possible to affirm that, in certain remote villages, for a small scale of production, i.e. 8 kwh/d, the draught animal powered generators seems to be competitive with respect to an analogous photovoltaic plant,

The motivations of this evaluation are expressed in the following table and in the documents there linked.

This consideration is reasonable in terms of cost, transportability (the same equipment can serve different sites) and production on demand (at any hour, with any sun and weather condition): 0.11 versus 0.05 €, (0.13 versus 0.01 € if considered only in terms of foreign value)

For the same scale of production the draught animal powered generators have a real cost advantage also in comparison with the fuel engine generators: 0.87 € versus the said 0.05.

This kind of energy is totally produced in the village without the spending of money outside the same village. Then the money of farmers can be spent for other villages supplies such as fertilizer, seeds, other rural implements or home appliances.

Furthermore, in this contest, the draught animal power can perfectly substitute the work of women and children now very often engaged, in the villages, in the water lifting and seed crushing. Moreover the electricity generated so economically can extend the light hours of the village for student education and other economic and social activities.

The animal welfare is not compromised by this kind of work. Millennia of selection has conducted to very patient animals that do not suffer for a monotonous and tedious work. And this is the reason for which working animals are still, in rural areas, hundreds of millions.

kwh/y 2.025 2.025 2.025
Annual Cost € 319,00 € 1.759,66 € 100,00
kwh cost € 0,11 € 0,87 € 0,05
Strength No maintenanace easy use all the supply come from the village then whitout spending money
Automatic the money not spent can be utilized for other supplies such as fertilizer, pesticides, seeds or other rural implements
easy transportable, one equipment can pump water for several fields
the electricity generated so economically can extend the light hours of the village for student education and other economic and social activities
weakness not transportable, can serve only one site in remote villages uneasy supply of fuel too small for large village needs the women engaged in the water lifting can't develop other works
all the supply come from outside the village then requests to spend foreign money Children can’t study and be educated
works only during sunny hours